Monday, 11 January 2010

Why we write - SEO copywriting is not just for search robots

"Our responsibility [as writers] is to captivate you for however long we've asked for your attention." Aaron Sorkin, screenwriter

Sometimes, an SEO copywriter can be blinkered by their desire for page one results. The quest for rankings can be consuming and it's easy to be sucked into an over-optimised world of keywords and anchor text.

Still, it's worth remembering that SEO copywriting isn't just there for Google to salivate over; there's more to content than keywords and meta data. Copy is meant to be read. It should attract attention, inspire conversations and produce conversions.

SEO copywriting should be informative

Content needs to accommodate a reader's desire for knowledge. A growing proportion of browsers expect websites to provide them with reliable information and, as a result, sites need to offer answers. Earn a reader's trust through informative and intelligent copy.

SEO copywriting should be creative

Creativity shouldn't have to suffer in the quest for rankings. Online copy offers much more scope for imagination than other mediums and writers have the opportunity to let their creativity run free across the internet. The Cartridge Save and Rentokill sites are both great examples of how you can turn a (potentially) bland topic into a must-read and entertaining blog.

SEO copywriting should be convincing

SEO copywriters are paid to sell to people.

But not like that.

Words have to convince. It's a great feeling to see a website rank on Google, but ultimately, copy has to convert browsers to customers. Amid the keywords and anchor text, content should present a structured and compelling argument to the reader.

SEO copywriting should be fun

No, seriously.

In my experience, SEO copywriting is one of the most challenging and enjoyable forms of writing. Very few scribbling roles necessitate the ability to juggle so many different requirements and finding the words to satisfy both the reader and the pesky spiders is an ongoing adventure.

But don't forget to include some keywords.

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