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Increasing PageRank using the Jeff Goldblum SEO method

SEO Manchester Blog - the Jeff Goldblum SEO methodThe Manchester SEO blog examines how to increase PageRank using Jeff Goldblum SEO best practise.

What is PageRank?

Google PageRank is like a website's school report. It is a score - out of ten - which is awarded to every page in a domain by the search engine.

Here's what it looks like:

Manchester SEO Blog | Google PageRank

You can also find out the PageRank of a website with a number of online tools.

PageRank displays Google's opinion of a website. The higher the PageRank score of a site, the more highly Google thinks of it. As a result, a page with a larger score will often rank better in search engine results pages.

How is PageRank calculated?

PageRank is calculated using many different factors. Primarily though, it is determined by the number of links to a site from other domains.

Search engines reason that a site's usefulness and reliability is based on how many external domains choose to link to it. More links usually results in a higher PageRank.

The problem

Most links from other domains are directed to your homepage. This can result in a PageRank on the homepage, but not on others URLs deeper in the site.

To maximise a website's ranking, you want to have a PageRank score on as many pages as possible.

The solution

It is possible to share PageRank from one page to another using an internal link (links to different pages in the same domain).

This is where Jeff Goldblum comes in

In the 1996 film Independence Day, a ruthless alien species invaded the earth. Many recognisable landmarks were destroyed and the world's military were having a beast of a time fighting back.

The aliens had Star Trek-esque shields over their vessels which protected them from harm. Things were looking grim for the future of mankind.

Thankfully, Jeff Goldblum – playing a mild-mannered scientist - steps in with a plan to destroy the alien's defences. Here, he reveals the hair-brain idea to a number of important people who are all wearing important ties.

The gist of this plan involves installing a computer virus into the alien mother ship. This will disable the alien's defences. The virus is intended to filter down into each of the smaller alien vessels, lowering the shields and allowing them to be destroyed. Huzzah.

A similar strategy can also be put to use in order to increase PageRank across a website.

Imagine for a moment that the entire alien fleet is your website. The homepage is the mother ship. Other pages deeper in the site – for example, -are the smaller crafts.

Now instead of a computer virus, imagine that PageRank is being injected into the mother ship. In order to get the PageRank across the entire site, this 'virus' needs to be able to travel to every single page.

This process can be achieved by using of internal links. Below is an example which demonstrates how links can pass PageRank through a site. You can enlarge the picture for a better look.

Manchester SEO blog|SEO link map

Notice how the secondary pages have links to the tertiary level. This not only passes rank around, but also ensures that all the pages on a site get looked at by Google.

By using the Jeff Goldblum SEO plan, you can help your website to rank better in search engine results.

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  1. Well Explained.. and the example of Independence Day is good.