Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Asda issues YouTube apology for the chicken licker

Asda hit the headlines today after a mobile video showed an ex-employee licking produce on sale before returning it to the shelves. The late night adventures of a worker in the Asda Fulwood store has caused a stir in both the local and national media.

The young gentleman in question filmed himself doing all manner of shenanigans in the deserted store. Throwing eggs, setting off fire extinguishers and licking raw chickens. All par for the course for a slow weekday evening.

Understandably, Asda issued an apology. Interestingly though, they decided to submit it through YouTube.

The video itself shows various staff members criticising the employee's behaviour and assuring customers that this kind of behaviour isn't really encouraged by senior management.

It's a nice approach. By giving a human face to the problem, particularly by interviewing the Asda Fulwood staff, the video reassures consumers that the brand shares their concerns and disgust. These are normal people who prefer their chickens to be untouched by the tongue of man.

While it may have been easier to issue a quick press release, Asda has been clever enough to tackle the problem with a social media solution. Maybe it's something more companies will consider in the future.

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  1. It's a very brave approach, but personally I think it comes across as a bit phony. By saying how shocked they are, the staff seem to be portraying themselves as victims whose good-names have been brought into disrepute. And though this may well be true, I'd have been happier seeing a manager explain the steps they're going to take to stop this sort of thing happening again.