Monday, 18 March 2013

Finding a home for podcasts

I've never been able to find a home for podcasts.

I think the medium is the issue. At home, I listen to the radio or Spotify; noise to fill up the flat as I work or read. Trouble is, I want podcasts to add value, rather than just serve as background noise. I want to be an active listener, as opposed to keeping half an ear out while my attention roams elsewhere.

Recently (yesterday), I've been giving some thought into how I can start getting the most out of podcasts without it eating into the desk time I'd reserve for writing or Minecraft. I think there's a space for them somewhere,a civil partnership to be made with some other routine, although I've yet to find it.

Some ideas I discounted fairly quickly:
  • Running - Unless the presenter has a 150bmp speaking style, I don't imagine it being very conducive to a good lap time.
  • Morning commute - Potentially, although my commute is ten minutes on foot and if my caffeine intake is a bit logy, I think it'll be a waste of an exercise. 
  • In the kitchen - If anyone could do a podcast that comfortably fills the six minutes before the microwave pings, I'd been all ears.
  • Asleep - Knowledge via 100 per cent cotton osmosis.
To be workshopped (verb, probably).

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