Friday, 31 December 2010

The 2010 Manchester SEO Awards

Limit your acceptance speeches to thirty seconds please.

Best use of pectorals in social media

Old Spice

The Mashable award for useful social media news

The Next Web

Honourable mention: Mashable

Best use of impromptu audience clapping

St. John's Ambulance

The Robbie Savage award for social media buffoonery

Dr. Pepper

Best use of comedy hashtag award on Twitter


The most-annoying member of the Spotify advertising team award


The Ann Summers award for comedy sponsored links
Ann Summers

The three-days worth of research for a Manchester SEO blog award

Psycholinguistics and SEO

The least-read blog on Manchester SEO award

Psycholinguistics and SEO

The wish I hadn't sold my Xbox advert campaign award

Most popular search query for Manchester SEO referrals award

Farmville user female statistics

Most creepiest search query for Manchester SEO referrals award

Asda chicken licker

Honourable mention: Farmville user female statistics

The 'If I see this link posted on Twitter one more time...' award

XKCD's map of online communities

The bit-rubbish-but-quite-charming technology advert of the year award


The Zooey Deschanel award for the prettiest website in 2010

Monet 2010

The geekiest thing I saw in 2010 award

Most tenuous metaphor used to describe social media in a blog

Social media: A campfire at a music festival

Honourable mentions Social media: A doctor's waiting room

The Doc Brown award for coolest iPhone app downloaded in 2010


The thanks for reading this blog in 2010 award

You lot.

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