Sunday, 14 November 2010

One day in July

A little bit of concept writing for something I'd like to get off the ground next year...

We walk into the hotel's bar, bustling with guests. The majority of the crowd linger next to the bar, chatting and sipping on their pints. A few sit on the leather couches lining the room. Most of them are wearing their Sunday Best, as demanded by the invitation.

Welcome to the reception of Sebastian and Jennifer Marsh.

But none of the audience have actually met the happy couple.

Many would have seen the wedding via their internet connection. They have seen the YouTube videos of the nervous bride in the weeks leading up to today - a video diary detailing every aspect of the big day.

More recently, they would have seen the updates from the church; videos and photos uploaded during the day via more technologically savvy of the wedding party. Speeches, photos, the works. Everything went as planned.

Back in the hotel, a Twitter stream, projected on the side of the wall, is occasionally updated by members of the wedding party in the other room.

“They both look so gorgeous,” reads one tweet.

"They'll be very happy together", one of the audience tweets. "Looks like the perfect wedding."

A door bursts open from the function room to the side of the room. The crowd falls silent.

The bride, tears streaming down her face, rushes through the door and disappears into an adjacent room, swiftly followed by a pair of bridesmaids, each carrying the same pained expression.

Gradually, members of the wedding party begin to saunter through into the room. Shell-shocked.

A best man.
A father.
A mother.
A sister.
A husband.
And the one that got away.

"What happens now?" asks the best man.

"Now, we have to explain," the husband replies.

The group spread out across the room and, separately, begin to tell their side of the tale.

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