Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Technology gets emotional - six adverts to make you weepy


In brief: Chap prepares for a date with girlfriend. Ignores date for the entire evening. Prefers to use Twitter instead.

Subliminal message: You can tweet about everything. Even if it is about buying fruit. OMG Strawberries. #fiveaday

Soundtrack: Freelance Whales - Generator First Floor

Slush rating: 7/10


In brief: Everyone is a PC. Even famous people.

Subliminal message: PCs are cool. Really.

Soundtrack: N/A

Slush rating: 2/10


In brief: American student meets French girl. Plans their life together from his laptop.

Subliminal message: Don't talk about life-changing decisions. Just Google them instead.

Soundtrack: N/A

Slush rating: 9/10


In brief: iPad is magical.

Subliminal message: iPad.

Soundtrack: Gold Lion - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Slush rating: 3/10


In brief: Annoying student wishes her PC would stop crashing. Tells Microsoft. Global computer manufacturer begrudgingly agrees.

Subliminal message: After seven swings at it, Microsoft computers finally work.

Soundtrack: N/A

Slush rating: 2/10

iPhone 4

In brief: Various lives are improved via the magic medium of Apple Facetime.

Subliminal message: iPhone is magical.

Soundtrack: When You're Smiling - Louise Armstrong

Slush rating: 9/10

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