Tuesday, 6 April 2010

SEO and online marketing in an election - Canvassing for votes on Google

It's election season; a time for political leaders of all parties to venture from their Westminster caves and stump for votes across the country. Still, this isn't a battle that will be waged on the streets and pavements. This is an internet election. Apparently.

Today, Gordon Brown announced that May 6th would be the big day. No sooner had the PM revealed the worst-kept secret in modern politics than the SEO and online marketing teams of each camp jumped into action.

Here's just some of the PPC campaigns the parties reeled out this afternoon.

Search: UK election

Good spread here. Labour and The Conservatives both make an appearance. Labour take a wishy-washy approach to their online marketing, while the Tories go for the throat.

Search: General election UK

Kudos to Marmite here. The love-it-or-hate-it spread have done an Ann Summers and nicely hijacked the election trend. I'd vote for them.

Search: UK election 2010

More throat grabbing stuff from the Tories. If you're interested, the link, rather than whisking you to a blue sea of policy, goes to a YouTube video of David Cameron giving a St. Crispin's Day speech. If you were worried that this election would be about policy, you'd needn't have panicked.

Search: Gordon Brown

The Scot takes a similar whacking on his own front porch. Considering the massive search volume for the PM (below), it would probably be worth running a counter advert.

Search: David Cameron

No surprises here either. Still, it's all very negative. Where's the hope? Where's the movement for change? It seems strange the advert would continue to hammer the PM, especially on Cameron's home turf.

The Lib Dems have been quite quiet so far. Let's see what they have in the PPC armoury.

Search: Liberal Democrats

No presence here. Damning stuff.

Search: Nick Clegg

Either the Lib Dem leader has a very eclectic music taste or there's another Nick Clegg roaming the planet. The Liberal Democrats aren't really au fait with this PPC and SEO malarkey are they? Note that The Tories are still running the same advert.

Polling day

As grabbing as it may be, the entire Tory PPC campaign smacks of unoriginality. Still, they're more on the ball than the other pair and both Labour and the Lib Dems need to step up their game if they want to win over the sponsored search constituency.

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