Wednesday, 17 March 2010

SEO blog comments - how to spot a spammer

SEO Manchester - Blog spam
As an SEO blog, Manchester SEO has had its fair share of comment spam; posts by other authors for the sole purpose of procuring a link to a third-party website.

Here's a guide to the five main types of blog spam (All examples are taken from comments submitted to Manchester SEO and posted verbatim).

The fame (spam) monster

Some spammers are starstruck. Faced with an SEO blog of such fame and celebrity, they go weak at the knees, suddenly turning into those screaming teenagers you see clambering over railings outside a premiere for a Robert Pattinson film.

They're so overwhelmed with emotion, they can only express how amazing your online work is. A bit like this. (00:43 for full effect)

Still, they're able to regain their composure towards the end of the comment and kindly include a link to their own site. Bless their little socks.

"Hey. I don’t normally leave comments, but I just wanted to say thanks for the great information. I have a blog too, thoughI don’t write as good as you do, but if you want to check it out here it is. Thanks again and have a great day!"

I'm the saddest blog spam in the world

Pessimistic SEO blog spam knows it isn't going to see the light of a Google spider. It's had a few bad experiences in the past and, quite frankly, it doesn't even want to be a comment on your blog. It would rather be at home watching Come Dine With Me.

This kind of comment is quite easy to spot. It hasn't made an effort, it's full of typos and incoherent sentences. Occasionally it even forgets to put on its keywords. It knows that it's not going to get past the admin process, so it doesn't even bother.

"simple looks simple yet can reach out lots of people there in just a single twit.."

The 'I love lamp' spam

This blog comment likes stating the obvious. It thinks that 'SEO copywriting is good' and is adamant that 'Google likes keywords'.

Its bowel-shattering insights are award-winning; boiling complex 500-word essays down to six-word sentences and summarising a blog post for the reader as if they were a drooling monkey.

"twitter is one of the most used social networking sites nowadays :) it's easy to use."

Wham, blam, thank you blog spam

Some spammers don't have time for foreplay. They're not really interested in getting to know you or taking you to the cinema; they just want you for your PageRank. All they're after is a quick and dirty link.

If you let them into your house, they'll take advantage of your hospitality. They'll selfishly use your precious blog for every single keyword and once they've got what they came for, you'll never see them again.

"This is very useful blog for all. SEO: SEO Services, Best SEO Company (Search Engine Optimization Company), Expert in SEO/SEM services, SMO, Pay par click services link building services, offering professional website promotion services include local search marketing organic web promotion services and SEM services."

An officer and a generally good comment

Occasionally though, you'll come across an irresistible blog comment. Posts which are insightful, thought-provoking and crucially, prove that the author has actually taken the time to read the blog before sharing their musings.

These comments tick all the right boxes. They're presentable, charming and insightful; the kind of blog comment your mother wanted you to marry. Yes, they may just be using you for a link but, by gosh, it's hard to say no to that fine piece of comment.

"Brilliant! I love comparisons like this that bring theories back to reality with a bump. I did start watching Lost but gave up halfway through series 2, think I will have to get the boxed sets and catch up."

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