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Musical chairs - ten female musicians to follow on Twitter

Muscians on Twitter
The Saturdays

For those of you with a penchant for bubblegum pop, each member of The Saturdays holds a Twitter profile. It's interesting to compare five different views of an identical experience – often they tweet about the same thing – and each account serves as an outlet for followers to get to know each member as a person (as opposed to one blanket profile – which also exists).

It's also a nice way to gauge which member of the band has the most hope of a successful solo career. Francesca Sandford leads the pack by some way with over 28,000 followers.

Frankie Sandford on Twitter

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap was once described as music's best kept secret. Judging by her 731,000 followers, this is no longer the case. Heap, on the cusp of releasing a new album, has been recently tweeting about the process of getting music from her head into your ears – it's a fascinating insight into the creative process behind making a collection of songs.

Imogen Heap on Twitter

Lady Gaga

The eccentric pop scarlet only has 75 tweets to her name. Still, she has amassed quite a collection of followers – 563,257 at last count – and she's quite fond of returning the favour; nearly 70,000 users are on her following list. As you'd expect from a lady famous for her eccentricity, Miss Gaga's tweets range from the surreal - “Dancing with the stars tonight. 2moro with the moons” - to the obscure - “In Russia doing research”. There's also the occasional diva tantrum thrown in for good measure.

Lady Gaga Twitter account

Sara Bariellis

The American pop singer has quite the mouth on her. Despite her harmless pop ditties, the young Sara is occasionally known for a bit of harmless cursing; if nothing else, followers can expect to see a different side to the singer. Still, with over one million followers, I suppose you can do pretty much what you want.

Sara Bareilles Twitter account

Little Boots

Little Boots' 736 tweets provide a fascinating insight into the daily life of a rising pop star. You seem to spend a lot of time of planes, apparently.

Iamlittleboots gives followers a nice blend of personal anecdotes and whimsical musings. Also known to conduct the occasional live interview on Twitter with tech-savvy journos.

Little Boots Twitter

Lily Allen

Often described as the pioneer of celebrity twitterers – and with nearly a million followers to show for it – Lily Rose Allen has one of the more entertaining accounts. She often speaks candidly – debasing newspaper articles about her good character and the such – and rarely brings a bad tweet to the table. She's also a regular user of twitpic if you're keen to see the world through her eyes.

Lily Allen Twitter profile

Katy Perry

Perry has a reputation for being a bit of a wild child. This is nicely reflected in her Twitter account – an eclectic mix of backstage antics, real-world situations and occasional self-mockery. It's an entertaining account of the singer's life away from the microphone, peppered with the occasional racy tweet.

Katy Perry on Twitter

Pixie Lott

The 18-year-old Pixie Lott walks a straight line on her Twitter account. A pop princess by name and nature, there's no Bariellis' outbursts here. It's all very sanguine РTweets about where she is and where she's off to next (normally the next appearance on an MTV-esque pop show). The most edgy update comes when she talks about her new Dr. Dre headphones. Alas, any hint of risqu̩ in this particular update is quickly quenched by the use of a heart-shaped icon.

Pixie Lott Twitter

Florence And The Machine

The Twitter account of Florence And The Machine is barely a month old. Still, you can tell a lot from those first postings and Florence is shaping up to be a fine member of the sorority.

12 interesting updates makes this a Twitter account to watch.

Florence and the Machine on Twitter


The whimsical Australian singer lives up to her reputation on Twitter. Her tweets are slightly surreal, occasionally nonsensical and sometimes share a little too much:

“I'm mean like a cut snake today. I can feel it. I must be ovulating. Wide berth. WIDE berth. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”


Sia Twitter account

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