Sunday, 14 June 2009

Wolfram Alpha Finds The Funny

Funny Wolfram Alpha quotesWolfram Alpha, the mathematical search engine from Brit scientist Stephan Wolfram, has been live for just over a month. Rather than bringing up a list of relevant websites per search term, a la Google or its ilk, Wolfram Alpha has a pop at answering the question itself. Indeed, it excels in returning a number of searches: the answer to an equation, population density and number of registered users to a website.

Wolfram Alpha is also a search engine with a funny side. Ask it a philosophical question and it probably has an answer. Here is a selection of some of the wittiest, and frankly, occasional smart-arsed Wolfram Alpha results.

So now you know
Wolfram Alpa - polite
Searching for love on Wolfram Alpha
Wait a moment...
Wolfram Alpha - scary
Advanced search engine, you say?

Wolfram Alpha hits the classics
Wish Google showed me this much love
Sans red hat
Sadly, it's not the root of all knowledge and I'm sure that the team at WA are sick of coming to work and finding their inbox full of failed/ down-right weird search queries. If you see any more, let me know.

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